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Spielzeug aus dem Ei 2004/2005 - Buchausgabe from 26,00 EUR
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Spielzeug aus dem Ei 2004/2005 - Buchausgabe

Catalogue for Kinder Surprise figures

Edition 2004-2005, Hardcover DIN-A5
The completely redesigned standard work for Kinder Surprise Collectors:

- Figures
- Papers
- Puzzle
- Cars
- Planes
- Ships
- Maxi-Eggs
- Toys from other Companies (Premium)
- and many more

Already included: The new Series „Polarexpress“ and "Mission Mole"

- for the first time the catalogue includes an extensive section about falsifications: the collector will have the chance to differentiate between the original and the falsification.

Over 14.500 objects on more than 1.216 pages complete with up to date prices, 160 pages more than it´s precessor.

Multilingual Edition (German/Italian/English).
Hardcover Din-A5 (21*14,8 cm)

ISBN: 3-935976-21-6

This Product was added to our catalogue on Tuesday, 27. July 2004.

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